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Goop Cats is a game about well... Goop cats.

The game is played by 2-4 players (Sorry, lonely people...) and your objective is to fill more of the screen with goop than your opponent(s)!

(This was made during a game jam and is actually not that great. I probably won't update it either. If you still want to try it out, go ahead.)


When the game starts, you will see the main menu. Left and right are used to switch game modes, up and down to set the time. (Enter to start) The game modes are 2 player, 3 player, 4 player and sandbox.

2 and 4 player mode are basically the normal game. You play as white and black cats and try to cover as much ground as possible in your color before time runs out.

In 3 player mode one player plays a robot who can clean the floor up again. He needs to keep the place as clean as possible.

When time runs out, the screen will be covered in the winning player/teams color.

Here you can press any button to start a new game. Pressing escape will bring you back to the mode select screen.

The players are controlled with the following keys:

Player1: WASD


Player3: IJKL

Player4: TFGH

Install instructions

This game needs java to run! Please keep that in mind.


Goop Cats.jar 54 kB

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